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Trick Tips


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Skate Boarding Trick Tips

To do an ollie put your front foot in the middle of the board. Your back foot should be on the tail of the board. Now the hard part slam down on the back tail. Then jump off your back foot at the same time slide your front foot up the board to even it out. That's it it will take a while but you will get it.

All you do is a ollie but instead of sliding your front foot up kick it out to the side. This will take a long time to learn.


First put your feet in ollie postion, just lighty touch the back kick but swing you back foot behind you, .
This will make the board to turn 180 degrees and the back trucks on the gound
jump high and keep board under you. Try to land it. The board does not come off the ground in this trick.

Just pop shove it but bring the board off the ground. This is harder but is phat when you land it.